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Due to the natural chewing and investigative behaviour of dogs, we don’t advise unsupervised use for safety reasons.

We recommend your dog is supervised at all times whilst using this toy, they are not chew toys. Whilst every care has been taken in manufacture, the tug toy range is not indestructible. Frustration may occur with some dogs. Please use appropriate size and strength tug toy. 

Remove access once your dog has naturally finished.

Our tug toy range is designed for organised enrichment. As with any activity, dogs may need training to take part safely and appropriately. Tugging activities should be beneficial to the dog and owner/carer support may be needed to ensure the activity is a positive experience.

Please provide fresh dinking water at all times.

Training Noodle Tuggie with Treat Dispenser Ball

PriceFrom £13.99
VAT Included

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