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Benefits of the snuffle Knot:

- Slow down mealtimes

- Great tool for mental exercise

- Calming activity 


Sizes are approx. as they are made by hand. 

Shell made of good quality new fleece and filled with upcycled material where possible to keeping the inviroment in mind.


Did you know 15 minutes of ‘nosework’ is as good for your dog as an hour long walk? Enrichment is a word we hear a lot. As well as keeping physically active, our pets need mental stimulation too.



Due to the natural chewing and investigative behaviour of dogs, we don’t advise unsupervised use for safety reasons.

We recommend your dog is supervised at all times whilst using their sniffing activity toy, they are not chew toys. Whilst every care has been taken in manufacture, the sniffing range is not indestructible. Frustration may occur with some dogs, who may need assistance to learn how to extract food without damaging the mat or ball. Remove access once your dog has naturally finished.

Our sniffing range is designed for organised enrichment. As with any activity, dogs may need training to take part safely and appropriately. Sniffing activities should be beneficial to the dog and owner/carer support may be needed to ensure the activity is a positive experience.

Please provide fresh dinking water at all times.

Snuffle Knot

VAT Included