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This outdoor training line is made from strong but lightweight material to give you confidence that your dog is safe when being trained outdoors.

-Ideal for training or exercise in open spaces;
-Maximises control during recall training;
-Easy to use.

Examine the item regularly for wear and tear and replace at first signs of damage. Please remember that this is a training device, not a lead so always use with caution and consideration of your surroundings. Do not grab the line if it is running freely as this could cause injury, burns or cuts. Take care not to wrap the line around yourself as any tension in the line could cause serious injury. If the line becomes tangled around you, your dog or anyone else, immediately regain control of your pet to release any tension in the line and detangle. Be sure to keep your dog on a short lines when around runners, cyclists or other dog walkers that may distract your pet.

Long Lines, Training Leads

PriceFrom £6.99
VAT Included

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